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MMOexp - EA FC 24 TOTS Warmup Guide: Start Date & Expectations

MMOexp - EA FC 24 TOTS Warmup Guide: Start Date & Expectations

Мнениеот Nevillberger » 24 Април 2024, 08:57:36

Preparing for a major Ultimate Team event like the EA FC 24 TOTS promo begins with FC 24 Coins strategic pack-saving, and the EA FC 24 TOTS Warmup event presents an excellent opportunity to kickstart this process.

Warmup events have become a staple before big promos like TOTY and TOTS since FIFA 22, offering players a chance to organize their clubs ahead of the upcoming major event. In EA FC 24, a Warmup event preceded the TOTY promo, and it's likely that we'll see a similar EA FC 24 TOTS Warmup event leading up to the TOTS promo.

The EA FC 24 TOTS is a highlight on the Ultimate Team calendar, anticipated to feature more squads than ever before. With multiple TOTS squads on the horizon, it's crucial for players to be well-prepared for the influx of content in the months to come, and the EA FC 24 TOTS Warmup event serves as the perfect launchpad.

EA FC 24 TOTS Warmup: Expected Launch Date
Based on historical patterns and the current Ultimate Team schedule, the expected start date for the EA FC 24 TOTS Warmup is Friday, April 12 at 6 pm BST / 1 pm EDT / 10 am PDT. The event is likely to span a week, culminating just before the Community TOTS squad is unveiled in-game on Friday, April 19.

EA FC 24 TOTS Warmup: Projections and What to Look Forward To
The EA FC 24 TOTS Warmup event won't introduce new promo items or special players. This means that aside from Team of the Week (TOTW) items, there won't be any additional special cards in Ultimate Team packs until TOTS kicks off. Instead, the focus of the TOTS Warmup will be on helping players accumulate packs and player picks, priming them for the TOTS frenzy.

In the FIFA 23 TOTS Warmup, EA Sports offered various Squad Building Challenges (SBCs) and Objectives that rewarded players with packs and player picks upon completion. These TOTS-themed challenges are typically straightforward, offering rewards that exceed the norm.

Look out for TOTS-themed tournaments where victories lead to further rewards. Additionally, daily log-in challenges should make a return, featuring SBCs that contribute towards pack objectives. Gathering these rewards presents players with a choice: save the packs for a chance at TOTS cards during the promo or open them early to bolster club resources for TOTS SBCs.

Leaked information suggests that TOTS Evolutions will debut during the promo, potentially making an appearance during the TOTS Warmup. While specifics remain undisclosed, the promise of remarkable rewards encourages players to seize every opportunity.

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