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Университети в Белгия

Напред, науката е слънце!

Re: Университети в Белгия

Мнениеот daisymm » 8 Ноември 2014, 05:08:37

crasy написа:някой може ли да ме помогне
търся магистратура Медицинска физика
за предпочитане в не медицински университет

Ето една, но е с акцент върху радиологията:
Master in de medische stralingsfysica (Leuven)

City: Leuven
University: Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (KUL)
Department organizing the programme: Faculty of Sciences
Departmental website: http://wet.kuleuven.be/english/
Full title of programme: Master of Science in Medical Radiation Physics
Programme website: http://onderwijsaanbod.kuleuven.be/ople ... 016777.htm
Main language of instruction: Dutch (but most professors will teach in English on simple request)
Accredited by: if followed by further studies in medical radiation physics (see http://onderwijsaanbod.kuleuven.be/ople ... 017080.htm) and 12 months training in one of the radiation subspecialties of medical physics (radiation oncology, diagnostic radiology or nuclear medicine), the Federal Agency of Nuclear Control in Belgium may recognize the candidate as Certified Medical Physics Expert
Contact name: Prof. Gerda Neyens
Contact email: gerda.neyens@fys.kuleuven.be
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