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Избори в Германия 2017

Еми за тва, онова и т.н. Тука може да пише всеки по всички теми, които го вълнуват.

Re: Избори в Германия 2017

Мнениеот itzo » 18 Декември 2018, 07:19:39

Няма да гледаме, а ще участваме, щем не щем. Щото ауслендерите раус, или мислиш, че партийният ви спонсор хер Флик...ааа...Финк :mrgreen: е забравил как се правят тия работи?
Люди холопского звания — сущие псы иногда; чем тяжелей наказание — тем им милей господа.
Писач без спирка
Писач без спирка
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Re: Избори в Германия 2017

Мнениеот nikolajAT » 27 Декември 2018, 06:18:56

CDU - то се самоуби с Меркел2.0.. "weiter so!".. догодина интересни избори в източна Германия..
AfD - то има всички точки да излезе първа сила ... 2019 есента ще е интересна година..
може дори май 2019... ако SPD-то изпадне под 10% процента..

CDU - Kramp-Karrenbauer macht Merz klar, dass er gar nichts zu fordern hat
Für Friedrich Merz wird es wohl so schnell keinen Ministerposten geben. Die CDU-Vorsitzende Kramp-Karrenbauer habe durchgezählt: "Das Kabinett war vollzählig (...) Es gibt da also für die Kanzlerin keinen Handlungsbedarf."

А относно Сирийците бежанци интересен въпрос кога си ходят..

‘Kick Them Out’: Syrian Women Tell Europe to Send Men Home to Rebuild Country
Syrian women are complaining that there are not enough men to rebuild the county,
and have told Europe and other Western countries
that have absorbed their young men to “kick them out” and send them home.
Journalist at Swedish public broadcaster SVT Johan-Mathias Sommarström
travelled to Damascus, Syria, and spoke to some of the students
at the University of Damascus, 70 per cent of whom he observed are women.
“Look around, you just see women. The university, on the street,
in cafes, just women,” students Safaa and Sheima told Sommarström.
Another student, Lina, also noted the disproportion of the country’s population,
shattering the liberal illusion that the migrant waves of 2015
were comprised of women and children fleeing war.
To solve the problem, the young student said that the Syrian government
should issue an amnesty to men who left the country to avoid military service
so that they can help rebuild the country,
pointing the finger at Western nations that took in all the young male Syrians.
“The solution is to kick them out and get them to Syria
where they can start building the country again,” said Lina.
“In the future, you will see women who repair cars
because women have to take traditional men’s jobs to be able to support their families,” she added.
However others, like recent graduate Nabiha,
this that some types of work are “not suitable for women.”
Many young women also said they fear not being able to marry
and have a family because there are not enough men.
Hurriyet Daily News reported last week
that some 300,000 Syrian asylum seekers have left Turkey and returned home.
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