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According to the ESRB, it's not merely the graphic nature of the material

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от Weismart
You're missing out on a great deal of NBA 2K21 MT games if you're simply purchasing ps + for 2K. You're telling me you never play multiplayer in ANYTHING? Also, ratings are not done by how hard NBA 2K21 is. It is accomplished by how the content is. You're insane, if you think a sports match should be the same score as destiny or CoD. E (example: Forza) implies that there's no gore, violence, sexual content, or swearing coded into NBA 2K21. T (example: WWE 2K) means there is a little of it, but it's not super graphic. M (example: GTA) implies that there is a lot of it or that it's a focus on NBA 2K21. Nba 2K doesn't have any violence, swearing, or sexual content, therefore it is ranked e.

According to the ESRB, it's not merely the graphic nature of the material. Other things are taken into consideration. For instance, if you're able to go into a casino or something similar and bet money (real or fake), that's Simulated Gambling, a material descriptor that is not used quite often (commonly viewed in Cheap MT 2K21 Poker or casino simulation games). Exchanging currency (real or fake) to get a prize is gambling, particularly once you have the likelihood of getting something better than that which you may be expecting. Enough about the ESRB rating though, there is so much there and it has got nothing to do at large with all the post I made. PS isn't worth the investment As I said.